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About The Groove

Growing up in Selma, Alabama, southern hospitality and southern culture was not just a part of my life; it was my way of life. When most people think of the South and “southern culture” they think of country people with straw hats on a farm, but in reality it is so much more!!! 


The experiences that I valued the most growing up in the South were the Sunday dinners, holiday get-togethers, and weekend kickbacks dominated by laughter, dancing, and grooving to soulful music over home-cooked meals. Music, food, and laughter are the pulse and heartbeat of the South. Just having your family, friends, and sometimes the entire neighborhood come together to eat, relax, play games and just enjoy each others company is an experience that money can’t buy and is a blessing within itself. Moving away from Alabama taught me that the southern culture way of life that I was fortunate to grow up with is an experience that is much needed throughout our country; hence, the birth of the name and concept of Southern Groove. 

Southern Groove is more than just a business name to me; it’s a way of life, my way of life. In fact, my goal for Southern Groove was not just to create a business or restaurant, but to re-create the southern culture experience that I grew up with for my customers. The mission of Southern Groove is to share a taste of southern cuisine and southern culture with customers, bringing strangers together and uniting people from all walks of life to dwell together in unity so that they can  enjoy one another and build lasting memories while dancing and eating great food like we do in the South.


Southern Groove takes the chicken and waffle concept to a new level. The Southern Groove menu features 18+ original, dessert-style waffle recipes created by myself, Robert Childers (I don’t consider myself a “chef,” I just like to cook). Waffle flavors range from rich Red Velvet to your grandmama’s Sweet Potato Pie, served with the best fried (or baked) chicken that you will ever taste. Using old traditional family recipes from Selma, Alabama, each waffle batter is prepared daily to ensure that customers receive the freshest and best quality product. 

Whether you visit the Southern Groove food trailer, attend an event that Southern Groove is catering, book Southern Groove for your own catering event, or purchase one of my syrups. I truly hope you enjoy both the food and experience that Southern Groove has to offer!


            Robert  Childers

Southern Hospitality


A phrase used to describe a culture of warm and welcoming personalities, rich and hearty foods, and the soulful rhythms of the South. 

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